I’m Mercedes and I’m a twenty something, veggie loving, two time cat mom happily married to my soulmate of a husband.

I work as an engineer in Pittsburgh, pretending to be an adult and spending a solid 20% of my time trying to remember to not reply all.

I wanted a platform to share my wealth of equally positive and negative experiences as I attempt to navigate my twenties, and maybe get a little preachy here and there about veganism, mental health and LGBTQ+ rights.

At the very least, I hope to make you laugh.

An Open Letter ...

An Open Letter ...


To the man who thought he had the authority

To decide if I’m worthy or funny or pretty,


I’ve spoken to you twice in my entire life

So I’m not quite sure what gives you the right

To place a value on myself or my breasts,

But the way you express your opinion suggests

That you sit on a much higher throne than I do.

I guess it’s not your fault that nobody told you

That girls can decide who their bodies are for;

Whether it’s women or men, neither, either or.


Just because I started dating a woman,

You felt that my body was all of the sudden

Completely wasted and just as you said it,

“No guys even got to enjoy those tits.”

Well I hate to say it, but just because you

Weren’t one of those guys doesn’t make that true.

I’m sorry that you never got to sleep with me

But that doesn’t lessen the value of my body.


A man has rejected me more than once or twice

And I can’t even fathom telling those guys

That “their dick went to waste because I didn’t have it.

And since that’s the case, he’s basically worthless.”

Can you imagine just how absurd that would be?!

I don’t have to imagine because you said it to me.

These double standards are far too outdated

So let’s destroy them for future generations.


When I have a son, I’ll make sure to tell him

That he doesn’t decide the worth of a woman.

And I’ll show my daughter that she doesn’t get

To tell any man who he can or can’t date.

If somebody walks a different path than you

With their intentions pure and their heart true,

Then give them respect and freedom they deserve

Because you would want the same in return.


Putting me down doesn’t make you a man

And no one’s allowed to tell me who I can

Or cannot love, that choice is up to me.

And I got lucky with both genders in Jesse!

Okay, I’m sorry, that was poor taste in humor

But I get to choose what I write in my letter.

If you haven’t caught on, what I’m trying to say

Is that this is my life so get out of my way.